Hasit Bhatt


I'm Hasit Bhatt—a Software Engineer with a penchant for constructing digital wonders and solving enigmatic bugs. Ever envisioned software engineering as a blend of Sherlock Holmes' deductive reasoning and the brilliant Dr. Gregory House's diagnostic skills? Well, that's precisely the thrilling realm I inhabit.

Currently, I wield my coding sorcery as a Senior Software Engineer at Uber, weaving technological marvels into the fabric of our everyday lives. And, in the past, I've journeyed alongside the tech titans at Samsung, adding a diverse palette of experiences to my arsenal. My academic journey has led me through the hallowed halls of IIT Madras, where I mastered the art of Computer Science, and Nirma University, where I honed the craft of Computer Engineering.

An eternal scholar and a steadfast observer, I'm perpetually engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Be it delving into the pages of captivating books, penning my own musings, or engaging in the intricate dance of thought (yes, I'm an unabashed overthinker), I'm driven by an insatiable thirst for understanding.

While I muster the courage to share more than just this introduction, why not take a stroll through my thoughts on my blog? You might find a spark of inspiration, a nugget of insight, or even a shared curiosity.

But if you're here just for some TRON dust, this is what you're looking for.

Feel free to checkout my crossword puzzle page. Will hopefully add crossword generator soon.

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