Money : a bunch of ironies

For some reason, past few months (or years), I’ve been thinking and hearing a lot about and around money. Cryptocurrencies, stock market, taxation, inflation, deflation and what not! Definitely working from home (or rather not going out in the world) has been a huge factor, but a lot of credit goes to recent stocks/crypto trends.… Continue reading Money : a bunch of ironies

Is internet really going towards decentralization?

I came across this article today. It said we are actually going towards centralised world on the internet. This came as a surprise to me given the cryptocurrency boom and decentralized applications scene. I was pretty sure we were moving towards decentralized world. But reading the article made me realise that they weren’t completely wrong.… Continue reading Is internet really going towards decentralization?

On Gurupurnima

I know I don’t mention it a lot, But in the ocean, if you observe this boat, You’ll observe every section, each part, is nothing but just pieces of great art. Everyone knows a boat can never build itself, It’d be just a fallen tree had it not gotten any help, Maybe I’d have survived,… Continue reading On Gurupurnima

3 More things I learned about life as a Software Engineer

Note: This is an extension of the Pretentious series: 7 things I learned about life from my one-sided relationship with Software Engineering nobody asked for. Inability to build “a solution that works seamlessly forever” isn’t your fault Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not questioning your designing ability! It’s based on the fact that given enough time, everything… Continue reading 3 More things I learned about life as a Software Engineer

Registering domain name

As I mentioned, I can’t really recall why and how, but I found myself searching for domain names yesterday. I noticed domain name was available for Rs. 400 for a year (<$6) on and 10-year cost was approximately Rs. 2200 (~$30). I checked out a few other websites as well just to ensure the domain is indeed available.… Continue reading Registering domain name

I had been planning to buy a domain name (other than the free ones I’ve had used) for a while now. It was a tough competition between what it would be around! I have had played many roles in my life even on the internet. I have around 5+ blogs on my names about games,… Continue reading

Story of

Before 2004: Stackoverflow and many other related domains were owned by German company Mozquito Technologies during the late 90s. The owned domains included,,, and many more. Mozquito mainly focused on building an engine/wrapper over the newly found XHTML. They aimed to build a suite (if we can call it that) to avoid all… Continue reading Story of

Right or wrong?

Do you ever wonder what’s right and what’s wrong? Is providing free books to everyone right? Or is it wrong because you’re copying it from another book, you’re pirating someone’s work and giving it away for free? But what if the work was already pirated or copied from another book? Are the book hawkers selling… Continue reading Right or wrong?