Money : a bunch of ironies

For some reason, past few months (or years), I’ve been thinking and hearing a lot about and around money. Cryptocurrencies, stock market, taxation, inflation, deflation and what not! Definitely working from home (or rather not going out in the world) has been a huge factor, but a lot of credit goes to recent stocks/crypto trends.… Continue reading Money : a bunch of ironies

I had been planning to buy a domain name (other than the free ones I’ve had used) for a while now. It was a tough competition between what it would be around! I have had played many roles in my life even on the internet. I have around 5+ blogs on my names about games,… Continue reading

Right or wrong?

Do you ever wonder what’s right and what’s wrong? Is providing free books to everyone right? Or is it wrong because you’re copying it from another book, you’re pirating someone’s work and giving it away for free? But what if the work was already pirated or copied from another book? Are the book hawkers selling… Continue reading Right or wrong?

चिड़िया vegan बनना चाहती है

नन्ही सी चिड़िया vegan बनना चाहती है,सुना है कि कीड़े खाने से warming बढ़ती जाती है,चावल में तो carb है, slim रहने का ख्वाब है,Cult से मंगवा नहीं सकती, बाप भी न‌ कोई नवाब है,lentil पड़ोसी के पास है मगर उनके Ally कोई और है,United nests में जाएं, मगर वहां भी trade war है,दूर जाकर… Continue reading चिड़िया vegan बनना चाहती है

Reasons to live

Well, today on YourQuote, the challenge was to give your reasons to live. I still don’t know what “to live” means. I want to experience breathtaking moments before I take my last breath. I have no reason to not live. I want to see myself as a known great person before I die. I want… Continue reading Reasons to live